Yogalign Voice

The power to sing comes from the same place as the power to move - but how do we get our voices to work in harmony with our bodies?

Introducing Yogalign Voice. In Yogalign, we combine breath training, self-massage, and modified yoga asana to teach the body how it feels to be in alignment and strengthen the muscles to help keep you there. The movements taught in Yogalign provide voice teachers and professional singers powerful tools to help them use their voices most effectively and care for their bodies in everyday life. I'm a 200-hour certified Yogalign Instructor, and I've experienced first-hand how it has helped my singing, so I am most passionate about passing that knowledge on to other singers.

"After only a couple of sessions with Gwendolyn, I found myself practicing the alignment and breathing techniques in my day-to-day. In my singing, I found a new understanding of 'support.' Using my voice felt effortless, while very much grounded, and I found I had greater stamina for previously challenging sections of music."
- Monika Beal, soprano, Los Angeles, California

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Private Lessons

I give private lessons in singing, speaking, and Yogalign. In voice lessons, I constantly incorporate alignment practices because we use our whole bodies to produce sound. A free breath, which means good alignment, is the foundation of good voice technique.

I believe that singing is a movement practice like any other. When we move our legs and feet properly, we move through the water, and we call that swimming. When we use our breath and our resonance properly while our vocal chords vibrate, we call that singing. It is all a matter of coordination, one we either naturally understood in childhood, or one we must be taught. It is my joy to guide people to this knowledge of their voices.

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